Mbuyisa Makhubu was just 18-years-old during the Soweto uprising, and was famously photographed carrying a dying Hector Pieterson. He has been missing since that photograph was published.

A newspaper in Canada learned from a source that the Canadian government was working to identify a detainee who had entered the country under the name Victor Vinnetou in 1988. After hearing of the memories the detained man has, and some of his birthmarks, the Makhubu family is convinced that this is their long lost relative.

News24 reported in June that the arts and culture department was verifying information regarding Mbuyisa Makhubo’s DNA tests. The department said in a statement, “[The department] is in the process of clarifying the situation regarding DNA tests done on a man currently in Canada that some maintain could be Mbuyisa Makhubo.”

His sister,  Nontsikielelo Makhubu, joins us on Google Hangout to tell us why she thinks this man is her brother, and what the family plans to do to confirm his identity. Watch.

via Family believes they have found Makhubu, a lost apartheid icon | News24.