SACC Strategic Focus

The South African Council of Churches (SACC) has over years been struggling with its renewed vision since the inception of the new democratic dispensation. It is one of those Councils in the world that worked so hard to expose the wrongs of apartheid form of government and was indeed successful in mobilizing world community against the old South Africa and its policies.

Following liberation, the vision had to be re-defined in order to fit into the current context and this has always been very difficult. However, the Lord continues to guide his Church and we have now arrived at a point where Church Leadership will meet in Polokwane to refine the vision not only for SACC but the entire Christian community in South Africa.

The SACC is a body for Christian witness. Its mandate is to teach, prophesy, rebuke and correct the wrongs that seek to define society. As Jesus Christ one said that he is in the world not to bring peace but sword, so is SACC. Where it gets involved, sin is supposed to be separated from good. This is how peace gets attained.

It is as Jesus Christ said that he has come so that we may have life and have it abundantly. The SACC is an extension of this mission. Where people die of hunger, disease, misery and neglect, the SACC is there to reflect on the systems responsible for this. Human-made systems that bring inequality of society must be challenged, removed and done away with.

In South Africa the greatest enemy today is poverty and the disregard for human life. There are people who will grow and never experience employment. On their death-bed they only have poverty to bequeath to their children. This happens in an environment when others have so much to even throw away. Then the question must be asked, “is God indifferent of all this?” We need life and life in abundance.

Strategically church is found in every settlement in this country. It is found among the poor and the rich. SACC will establish itself through participatory structures of communication in all communities in order to listen and to pay attention to how the poor and those that are neglected define themselves and their struggles. SACC is not a know-it-all, neither has all the answers for the plight of our people. However, through prayer and practical intervention, change is bound to come.

Our mandate extends well into the part of our continent. We must answer the question, “who is my neighbour?” Our task would then be to provide prophetic witness to whom we call “our neighbour”. This is our calling and will be done with Christ in mind. The one who has come so that the oppressed, the slave may be set free, those in captive and prison be set free.

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