Malawi Congress Party (MCP) leader, Lazarus Chakwera, on Tuesday found time to slam online newspapers claims that he had gone to the US to seek campaign funding in exchange of a promise that once he takes over government, he will legalize homosexuality.

Speaking at a press briefing addressed after his fortnight-long return from the US, Chakwera dismissed the reports as untrue.

Last week, some online papers indicated that the Malawi Congress Party leader who is a practicing minister of the Christian faith had accepted some donor funding for his campaign in exchange of a promise that his government will legalize homosexuality which remains illegal in the country.

So far, most of the political parties contesting in the May elections have been elusive on the gay question with most of them claiming that it will be better to see how to go about that issue when the time arrives.

MCP spokesperson, Jessie Kabwila, is a renowned human rights activist who has also openly spoken out in support of gays.