Istanbul – The Islamic State extremist militia is circulating a new video on social media in which it threatens attacks against Russia “very soon”, vowing to eventually take the Kremlin in Moscow.

The video comes as Russian authorities have reported increased security concerns at major cities, including Moscow, in recent weeks. The Islamic State affiliate in Sinai also claimed it bombed a passenger plane travelling from Egypt to Russia last month.

“Soon very soon, the blood will spill like an ocean. The infidels’ throats will tremble from the knives,”

an unseen singer chants in Russian over graphic images of ultra-violence, including beheadings. The group said it plans to take control of Russian lands and enslave the women and children.

Christians would be forced to pay a tax if they do not convert to Islam. “Europe is shaking, Russia is dying,” the chant proclaims. “The Kremlin will be ours.” Russian President Vladimir Putin said last month that about 5 000 to 7 000 people from former Soviet nations were fighting for Islamic State in the Middle East.

Moscow is concerned about the threat of homegrown terrorism, including from returning fighters. Russia began a bombing campaign against Islamic State and other militant forces in Syria in September.

Source: ISIS threatens attacks in Russia ‘very soon’ | News24