– ISIS beheading American James Wright Foley

JAMES WRIGHT FOLEYPhotograph taken in 2012Photograph taken in 2012 Photograph taken in 2012Multimedia: ImagesAlias:Jim FoleyDESCRIPTIONDates of Birth Used:October 18, 1973 Height:185 cm 6’1″Weight:83 kg 185 poundsBuild:ThinOccupation:Freelance photo journalistHair:BrownEyes:BrownComplexion:MediumSex:MaleRace:WhiteCitizenship:United StatesLanguages:English;Arabic not fluentTHE DETAILS On November 22, 2012, James Wright Foley, a freelance photo journalist, was taken by an organized gang after departing from an internet café in Binesh, Syria. Foley had employed a translator to help him travel across the Syrian-Turkish border. The translator was also taken, but later released.ISIS released a video bragging about how they have beheaded U.S. freelance journalist James Foley, who was taken prisoner in Syria in 2012. Another U.S. journalist shown in the video who is believed to be Steven Sotloff, was captured at the Syria-Turkey border in 2013. ISIS stated that he will be killed as well, if the U.S. does not comply with all of their demands.

via – ISIS beheading American James Wright Foley.

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