Johannesburg – A Tshwane man is currently being treated for a skull fracture after three armed men entered his home on Friday night and beat him repeatedly on his head with a wheelspanner, his daughter says.

The three armed men entered Johan Freysen’s home on the Kroons Chicken Farm in Wildebeesthoek, Akasia, north of Pretoria, around 20:30.Johan’s daughter Elaine, 30, told News24 on Saturday that one man held her, a friend and the friend’s son, 5, in her bedroom, while the other two men went after her parents.

“The other guys went into the house and they grabbed my father, but it was as if they were not there to get money and things. It was as if they were looking for my dad.

They targeted him and actually dragged him out of the house and they hit him with a wheel spanner on his head. He’s got a fracture now, a skull fracture,” Elaine said.

While the second attacker was assaulting Johan, his wife Rohena, 56, ran up the stairs to the couple’s bedroom.”My mom ran up the stairs and the one guy followed her, but he didn’t go up all the way. So my mom went in to go get the gun and she pressed the panic button.

“The attackers then fled upon hearing the alarm. Elaine, a professional paramedic, rushed to her father’s aid who was also stabbed in the arm with a screwdriver. “His whole head [was] burst open, I treated him, put up a drip for him and covered the wound,” she said. She then called for an ambulance.

Police and members from the area’s neighbourhood watch groups arrived shortly afterwards. Her mother and friend were still traumatised and in shock, Elaine said on Saturday afternoon. Johan is a farm manager and is also in charge of security on the chicken farm.

Elaine said her family was now on edge as they were not sure whether the attackers would return to the property. Akasia police spokesperson Captain Riana van Aarde said the trio made off with two cell phones and a set of keys. A case of house breaking was opened.

Source: Man beaten with wheel spanner during farm attack | News24