Sacramento – Starting next week, California parks will no longer offer showers for people to wash sand and salt from their bodies at the beach, part of a broader plan to conserve water as the state’s years-long drought drags on.The most populous US state is in the fourth year of a catastrophic drought that has cost billions to its agricultural sector and prompted its first-ever mandatory cutbacks in urban water use.”California is facing extremely severe drought conditions,” State Parks Director Lisa Mangat said in a news release. “It is important for all Californians to conserve water at home, at work and even when recreating outdoors.”Shutting down the rinsing stations marks the state’s latest move in ongoing efforts to reduce water consumption.if(typeof za24_DisplayAd != “undefined”) za24_DisplayAd(“600×50″,”1″);<a href=”×50&c=1495560949&t=artid%3d9855a842-6bc5-4011-b792-e9b2f3290b3f%26Places%3dus%26Topics%3dweather%26accreditation%3dreuters%26posno%3d1″ target=”_blank”><img src=”×50&c=1495560949&t=artid%3d9855a842-6bc5-4011-b792-e9b2f3290b3f%26Places%3dus%26Topics%3dweather%26accreditation%3dreuters%26posno%3d1″ border=”0″ alt=””></a>California Governor Jerry Brown, who declared

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