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New York – A 21-member international panel urged a global overhaul of drug policies on Tuesday, calling for some drugs such as marijuana to be regulated, an end to incarceration for drug use and possession, and greater emphasis on protecting public health.The Global Commission on Drug Policy said traditional measures in the “war on drugs” such as eradicating acres of illicit crops, seizing large quantities of illegal drugs, and arresting and jailing violators of drug laws have failed.The commission’s 45-page report pointed to rising drug production and use, citing the UN Office on Drugs and Crime’s estimate that the number of users rose from 203 million in 2008 to 243 million in 2012.The commission includes former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan; the former presidents of Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Poland, Portugal and Switzerland; British tycoon Richard Branson and former US Federal Reserve chief Paul Volcker.It was established in 2010 with a stated purpose of promoting “science-based discussion about humane and effective ways to reduce the harm caused by drugs to people and societies”.West AfricaThe commission’s first report in 2011 condemned the drug war as a failure and recommended major reforms of the global drug prohibition regime.This report goes further, encouraging experiments in legally regulating markets in currently illicit drugs “beginning with but not limited to cannabis, coca leaf and certain novel psychoactive substances”.It called for “equitable access to essential medicines, in particular opiate-based medications for pain”, noting that more than 80% of the world’s population has little or no access to such medications. It also called for an end to criminalising people for drug use and possession, a halt to “compulsory treatment” for such people, and alternatives to incarceration for non-violent, low-level participants such as farmers, couriers and others involved in producing, transporting and selling illegal drugs.”The facts speak for themselves”, said Annan, who is also the convener of the West Africa Commission on Drugs. “It is time to change course.”He said drug policies must be based on what works, not on policies that criminalise drug use while failing to provide access to effective prevention or treatment.”This has led not only to overcrowded jails but also to severe health and social problems”, Annan said in a statement.Former Brazilian president Fernando Henrique Cardoso said the ultimate goal must be reform to permit legal regulation.”Let’s start by treating drug addiction as a health issue, rather than a crime and by reducing drug demand through proven education initiatives”, he said.”But let’s also allow and encourage countries to carefully test models of responsible legal regulation as a means to undermine the power of organised crime, which thrives on illicit drug trafficking.”The commission urged UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and all countries to take advantage of a General Assembly special session on drugs in 2016 to reform the global drug policy regime.- AP

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