The Roman Empire

The Founding of the Roman Empire.

According to legend, “The Roman Empire” was founded by Romulus (Rome) in the year 357 BC. He invited landless people to come into his city, provided that they pay a form of tax to him as the king.

File:Bas relief from Arch of Marcus Aurelius showing sacrifice.jpg

Religion in Ancient Rome, was very important and eventually became like a tradition type thing which influenced their lifestyle to such a point that one emperor even claimed to communicate directly with “The Gods”, which they inherited from The Greek Mythology.

So where does the link lay between the ancient Rome Religion and the Roman Catholic Church?.

Let me introduce you to a man by the name of “Constantine The Great“, Ruler of “The New Rome”, or as the citizen’s called it “Constantinople” 313 BC . Constantine was a talented fellow and quickly established his authority by means of great acts of valor and heroism.

Constantine was the first Emperor to tolerate Christianity in the Roman Empire, after a near death experience during a battle. All the shrines of the Greek God


Vatican City

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